Street Work

Our street work takes place in „private“ apartments and brothels in the red light districts. For our work on the streets we intend to buy a bus and turn it into a mobile café so that the women working in the red light districts have a safe haven to enter. Here they can receive nutritious food and drink, a moment to rest, and a place to socialize and eventually a place to cherish. Within the brothels themselves, our work looks a little different. Here it isn’t about making a space for the women like in the cafe, rather it is about going into the brothels and to offer the chance for a real conversation and connection.


As a means to show how much value the women have, we always have small presents like cake, cosmetics, or flowers. These ‘assignments’ serve as the foundation for our work. Through these means, we come into contact with the women and maintain relationships with them.


If you also have the desire to be actively involved on the street or in brothels to be there for the women, then please contact me: julia@pe-ix.de

School Trainings

Our school trainings extend to two areas as outlined

 1. Volunteer training

It is of huge importance to us that our volunteer workers are well educated in their assignments within the red light districts. An example of the content in these training sessions would be the following

  • Opportunities and limits of our work in the red light districts
  • Mental health and the importance of boundaries
  • Pastoral conversation techniques
  • Further training as to better define prostitution and its consequences

If you want to receive further education in these areas in order to be well equipped, please again contact us.


2. Action in schools

We want to use our Bus-Café as soon as we have it for events within educational institutions. In this way, the young adults in the schools will have a better and positive impression of our work.

If you want to come into conversations with young adults and teenagers about, then again please contact me at: julia@pe-ix.de

Building Bridges

By building bridges we reference the intervention and mediation that we offer to the women we come into contact with by means of a multi-level professional help system. The women in the brothels or on the streets are so often isolated off from any open contact or relationship network. We make it our assignment to take care of the needs of these women.


So we offer accompanying resources from health services and doctors so that the women can learn how to find their way in the social system. For this we speak to the pedagogical tent of “capacity building”.


For example, if a woman is sick and without health insurance, it is our assignment to bring her to the appropriate doctor and to ensure she is taken care of there. In this style, we want to bring the women into contact with the help they need as they need it whether in the form of work or housing assistance, donated clothes, or other means of help.


If you are a doctor, social worker, or psychologist or want to independently support these women in your business to help set these women up well for the future, then simply send me an email at: julia@pe-ix.de